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During the first week of November, the Oregon Liquor Control Commission will complete rules that will set the stage for the recreational marijuana market that will be poised to follow in the footsteps of our flourishing local beer and wine industries. The OLCC will start accepting applications for marijuana wholesalers, growers, processors and retailers on January 4, 2016. The Oregon Marijuana Business Conference will have the latest information on all cannabis regulations from licensing fees to taxes to local regulations.

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The Oregon Marijuana Business Conference will have the latest information on all cannabis regulations from residency requirements to licensing fees to taxes to local regulations. The OMBC will provide an overview of all cannabis laws and delve into the ins and outs of operating a marijuana business in Oregon.

8:45 am MARIJUANA LAW UPDATE A general overview of the status of Oregon’s marijuana laws. Both the Measure 91 legalization measure and the Oregon Medical Marijuana Act have undergone many changes due to legislative amendments and administrative rules while the federal government has been moving slowly on cannabis policy.

9:30 am GENERAL LICENSING & REGS Wholesalers, growers, processors and retailers will all have to adhere to certain stipulations to be approved, and keep, their Oregon marijuana business license. We will delve into the latest information regarding what you will need to get licensed, from the fees to residency requirements to reporting to renewing to everything in-between.

10:30 am GROWERS Get the latest information regarding the regulation of canopy limits, inspections, tracking, reporting and auditing. Growers will also have to follow rules regarding pesticides and additives.

11:30 am PROCESSORS Processors will need to follow a myriad of rules and regulations depending upon the type of processor they are, from edibles to topicals to extracts. Additionally, the different types of solvents used will bring different rules and safety regulations.

12:30 pm BREAK

2 pm RETAILERS From checking IDs to signage to reporting to filing taxes, anyone thinking of entering the marijuana retail business in Oregon will get the latest information needed to apply for a license.

3 pm WHOLESALERS AND BREEDERS Wholesalers will be able to conduct transactions among retail licensees and will have their own tracking and reporting requirements. Breeders will be able to supply growers and retailers with their latest genetics, also with their own plant limits and reporting requirements.

4 pm LOCAL REGULATIONS Cities and counties have imposed their own rules and regulations on top of state regulations. Some localities have embraced the new industry while others have decided to forgo the new opportunities (for now). Additionally, some localities will leave the decision on whether to usher in the burgeoning industry up to the voters. Get the latest on where we stand on local regulations across the state.

5 pm TESTING, LABELING & PACKAGING Oregon’s cannabis testing labs will be licensed and regulated for the first time, ensuring consumer safety. Additionally, labeling and packaging requirements will provide valuable information to the public and help keep marijuana out of the hands of children. Public safety is paramount for all Oregonians and following these safety regulations will be a very important component for the new industry.

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