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A Few Minutes With Oregon State Senator Floyd Prozanski

OMBC Floyd Prozanski

Oregon State Senator Floyd Prozanski has been a leader on sensible criminal justice reform, including cannabis and hemp policy, since he entered the Oregon Legislature back in 1995. As Chair of the Senate Judiciary Committee and Co-Vice Chair of the Joint Committee on Marijuana Legalization, he has been a steady voice advocating that Oregon move…

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December 1st Deadline Looms for OMMP Growers, Processors & Dispensaries

cannabis plants

The Oregon Medical Marijuana Program (OMMP) has undergone some unfortunate and unnecessary regulations over the past few years, burdening small farmers and hurting sick and disabled patients. Most problematic has been a reduction in the number of plants growers are allowed to cultivate per grow site and rules that require many growers to adhere to…

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Long Live the Oregon Medical Marijuana Program!

cannabis buds in hand

“The OMMP is dead.” “Wrong. Long live the OMMP!” If you are a member of the Oregon cannabis community, you have most likely heard people say, or post on social media, that the Oregon Medical Marijuana Program (OMMP) is dead. While some unnecessary laws and regulations have hurt the ability of many cannabis growers to…

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