OMBC Ashland Nov. 19, 2017 | Schedule

9:15 Conference Overview

Alex Rogers

Alex Rogers

Executive Producer OMBC

9:30 Keynote Speech

Henry Rollins

Henry Rollins

The One and Only

10:15 OLCC Overview with Q&A

This panel will provide an overview on the latest changes to Oregon's regulations, including the new law that allows qualified medical growers access into the recreational market, and what you can expect in the near future. Have your questions ready and get engaged in what is sure to be an informative and engaging discussion.

Steve Marks

Executive Director, OLCC

Amanda Borup

OLCC, Policy Analyst

Danica Hibpshman

OLCC, Licensing & Compliance

Brie Malarkey

Breeze Botanicals

Brent Kenyon

Kenyon & Associates

11:00 Building a Cannabis Brand For the Modern Consumer

PRØHBTD Media is a leading video production, branding and content marketing studio for the cannabis industry. More than 100 brands trust the company to help them build their brands and connect with consumers online and off. CEO and founder Drake Sutton-Shearer will take you through a fun and informative journey on cannabis brand building and what it means to be a modern day brand.

Drake Sutton-Shearer


11:30 OLCC Licensing in Jackson and Josephine Counties

OLCC licensing regulations are complex and ever-changing, and vary among jurisdictions.  Mistakes can be costly and time-consuming.  Learn from Southern Oregon OLCC industry pioneers about the details of licensing regulations in Jackson and Josephine counties.

Michael Johnson

Siskiyou Sungrown

Cedar Grey

Siskiyou Sungrown

Jamin Giersbach

Highly Distributed

12:00 Protecting and Improving the OMMP

The Oregon Medical Marijuana Program has undergone drastic regulatory changes the past few years, making it harder for compassionate growers to care for as many patients as they once did. There are activists and organizations working to reverse course and implement policies that protect and improve the OMMP for small farmers, mom-and-pop businesses, and patients. Learn the latest and join this important conversation.

Anthony Taylor

Compassionate Oregon

12:30 BREAK

Conference Resumes 1:30

1:30 Setting Up Your Company For Optimal Success

Navigating the IRS 280E limitations can be a daunting task; if not properly understood the risk of paying too much tax, or being audited, is high. Operating a parallel business to reclaim otherwise disallowed deductions is a tried and true way to handle the 280E limitations. Selecting the right Business Entity for your business is essential and by far the most effective way to mitigate your tax liability as well as keep your audit profile low.

Justin Bottillier

Rogue Tax Professionals

2:00 No License, No Business. In Cannabis, It Starts and Ends With Compliance

Andrew Robison aka Roo Grostein will be giving a short talk on the importance of having a position on your team whose role is dedicated to the state Cannabis Tracking System (Metrc). If your business is handling cannabis in the state of Oregon, it's an unavoidable investment. No business, small or large, exists without the proper licensing and the cannabis industry is a prime example where regulations cannot be skirted.

Andrew Robison

Talent Health Club

2:15 OMMP or OLCC? December 1st Deadline for Growers

Oregon Medical Marijuana Program growers have a big choice to make by December 1st. Do you plan on getting into the OLCC recreational market, grow more than 12 plants with a chance to enter to 20 pounds of cannabis into the rec system, or only grow 12 plants or fewer? Each choice has its own pros and cons. Learn the latest about the OMMP regulatory process and how you can make the best decision for you and your patients.

Anthony Johnson

New Approach Oregon

Kristie Cromwell

Loney Law Group

2:45 Understanding Legal Tools: The Key to Locking Out Lawsuits and Lowering Taxes

Through this course attendees will truly understand exactly how, why, and where legal entities should be used for both lawsuit prevention and income tax reduction. Our course is both engaging and easy to understand. When completed, attendees will have an understanding of the proper use of legal tools, and will have an organized approach to taking effective action.

Daniel McNeff

Legally Mine, LLC

3:30 Interview with Senator Floyd Prozanski

Senator Floyd Prozanski has been a stalwart champion of medical cannabis, legalizing hemp and ending criminal penalties for adult cannabis use since he was first elected to the Oregon Legislature in 1995. Prozanski has been the major voice, too often the lone voice, in Salem standing up for small farmers and mom-and-pop businesses. Senator Prozanski will be joining the OMBC for an onstage interview as he discusses what has gone right and wrong for the Oregon cannabis community and how we all can help protect and improve our marijuana laws. The Marijuana Agenda's Russ Belville (a published writer for High Times, The Huffington Post, Marijuana Politics and Weed News, among others) will be conducting the interview.

Russ Belville

The Russ Belville Show

Senator Floyd Prozanski

Democrat, Oregon

4:30 PRØHBTD Workshop (Available to First 50 Qualified Applicants)

In this exciting and informational seminar, learn how to develop a Cannabis brand that will drive sales and create customer loyalty. Workshop is free for OMBC attendees, but only to the first 50 qualified applicants. Are you currently developing a brand and don't know where to start? Do you have a product and want to take it to the next level? Do you have a brand that could use a refresh? Click below to register for an invitation.

Drake Sutton-Shearer