Overnight on Tuesday, November 1st, two men broke into Oregon Genetics, a cannabis production and consulting service based in Benton County, Oregon, and made off with ready-for-market cannabis flower and hash oil – to the tune of more than $1 million. The company’s founder and CEO, Caleb Mata, estimated about 1000 pounds of flower were taken, along with 10 pounds of the oil.

While many of us gripe and grumble about overburdensome (and changing) regulations and the costs associated with compliance in a legal market, it’s still pretty cool that legalization means cannabis users, growers, and distributors can be public about being robbed. Law enforcement can actually enforce property crimes for being crimes in and of themselves, rather than using the war on drugs as an excuse to violate civil liberties to do their original jobs of enforcing crimes of violence or against property. Unfortunately for Oregon Genetics law enforcement didn’t quite work out this time; the size of their facility and the nature of the robbery prevented adequate response.

From KOIN news:

“Based on the footage, Mata believes they spent about 15 minutes inside the warehouse — but spent another hour or 2 around the 6-acre property’s perimeter while making a huge haul. ‘Really the main thing is the more humans that we have with their eyes on the ground looking for this… its a million dollars worth of product …the amount of mass is gigantic..it could fill this room,’ Mata said.

“A sheriff’s deputy responded to the incident, but because of how big the property is — Mata said the deputy had no idea what was going on at the other end.

“‘That’s the worst part about it,’ Mata said. ‘They were literally carrying totes of weed out in the open with a cop here. It’s weird to think a cop could have been here and responded at the same time the burglars were here.'”

Though law enforcement can’t catch every bad apple, legalization means the company can pursue more general public outreach. To that extent, Mata has posted a video on Instagram of the thieving pair, and is asking the public’s help in identifying the perpetrators. Organic Genetics is offering $10k as a reward for information leading to their arrests. Sleuths be informed: Mata says the offenders used a large number of yellow and black tote bags to carry the cannabis, so keep an eye open. Another unique identifier – Mata claims his hash oil is of such superior quality and clarity, it would be immediately recognizable to anyone. So. Be on the lookout for the best hash oil in Oregon, too.

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