There’s a new cannabis video spoof making its way around the internet. If you haven’t had a chance to see it yet, or just didn’t have the time to click on it before, let me give you a gentle nudge in that direction.

The video, produced by Oregon-based dispensary Briteside, showcases a commercial about their product. It might be pretty close to what we could start seeing on our televisions if cannabis gets moved from Schedule I to Schedule II at the federal level, rather than simply regulating it like alcohol. A move to Schedule II would place the plant’s regulation squarely in the hands of the FDA and pharmaceutical companies. Briteside borrows from the big pharma formula to produce the short video, so the format will be familiar.

If you ask me, this commercial shows the ridiculousness of treating cannabis like any other medicine, since it has no toxic levels in humans and the side effects are so comparatively benign.

“Ask your doctor if cannabis is right for you. It probably is.”

Check out the video if you are into giggles and such.

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