Oregon is a state known to be on the forefront of many national political issues in Washington, DC. Not only do Oregonians have the political will to push for progressive social justice changes, we also have the fortune of good legislators in Congress willing to fight on our behalf for these issues. Lucky for us, cannabis is one of those issues, and Portland’s own Representative Earl Blumenauer (D-Oregon) is one of those legislators.

Recently, I had the fortune to attend an event hosted by Representative Blumenhauer to launch a new political effort to bring some heat to prohibition battle. Specifically, Blumenhauer is raising money through a new PAC called The Cannabis Fund, largely in order to target his opponents on Capitol Hill who are blocking important cannabis legislation.

His first target is Representative Pete Sessions (R-Texas), as the Statesman Journal reports:

“Contention between the two lawmakers traces back to at least July, when Sessions helped block a vote on one of Blumenauer’s amendments to ease restrictions for veterans trying to get ahold of medical marijuana through the Department of Veterans Affairs. Marijuana is still federally illegal.

“In September, Sessions, who chairs the House Rules Committee, helped block the Rohrabacher-Blumenauer amendment, which would have stopped the Justice Department from using federal funds to prosecute medical marijuana users in states where the use is legal.”

Blumenhauer plans to place a billboard in Sessions’ home district asking constituents why Sessions is keeping vital medicine from the veteran who is featured in the ad.

For far too long, politicians have been allowed to waffle away from moving forward on cannabis policy. Some antiquated notion that opponents can call their counterparts weak for supporting cannabis has possibly been the biggest roadblock for patients to have access. It is quite a relief to see the tables finally turned, and feet being held to the fire on this issue. Cannabis is increasingly becoming a positive motivator for political change. We are lucky here in Oregon to have a politician who recognizes how powerful cannabis is as a tool for positive change.

“I want to see even more pro-cannabis candidates elected to Congress and continue the wave of reforms happening at the state level. And we want to make clear that there are consequences for those elected officials opposing what a majority of the public supports,” said Blumenhauer.

Congressman Blumenauer has been a featured speaker at the Oregon Marijuana Business Conference (OMBC) and will present a message for attendees at this year’s event this Sunday in Ashland. Representative Blumenauer has often spoken about the importance of Oregon’s cannabis community to the fight to end cannabis prohibition federally and that is more true than ever. The OMBC provides a great opportunity to learn, network and organize to make the Oregon marijuana system the best that it can be. In addition to the great information and networking opportunities, attendees get a chance to meet Henry Rollins and party with Hieroglyphics Souls of Mischief. Click here to secure your tickets today!  Tickets go up at midnight on November 17th and the conference is expected to sell out.