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How is cybercurrency related to the cannabis industry? It is being discussed as a way to raise money for cannabis businesses and to create an end run on banking restrictions on the industry. There is a new disruptive technology called blockchain which supports cyber coins and digital tokens. The purpose of this talk is an engaging non-technical “blockchain for dummies” overview. It has been created for the purposes of introducing the topic of blockchain to cannabis company industry executives and fund managers, mid level managers, journalists, lawyers, media and marketing gurus and government agency regulators with a cannabis flair that will be fun, entertaining and most of all informative.


One year ago, Germany radically changed its medical cannabis laws. Since then, the number of German medical cannabis patients and their demand for medicine has been growing fast, creating a rapidly changing landscape concerning patients, doctors, pharmacies, health insurers, importers and would-be domestic producers. Georg Wurth, head of the German Hemp Association (DHV), will provide a policy overview concerning all key aspects of the industry and delve into their respective nuances.